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6,666 Uniquely  Generated   Deadly Sins

Dropping on the
23rd of June
What is the Deadly Sins?

The Deadly Sins is an NFT project founded on the Cardano blockchain. There will be 6,666 totally unique Deadly Sins NFTs, made up of 150+ different traits. We want to be a household name in the Cardano Metaverse Ecosystem. On top of this, we aspire to continuously provide valuable utilities to our holders.
We will be building a virtual 3D plot known as
Hell’s House where our community will be able to interact with one another in a hellish setting. We will also have interactive games such as Ritual Poker and many more!. These games will rely on your ability to outsmart and out skill your opponents for the chance to win the prize pool !
Hell’s House will be our main location where we’ll host Community events, Personality meetups, Major announcements, Phantom VIP rooms & ‘Special Giveaways’. Our verified holders will have exclusive access to all of these and much more!


• Launch Deadly Sins socials
• Release Deadly Paper
• Community Events
• Community Growth
• Partnerships / Collaborations
• Announce Mint Date & Price
• Release Website




Phase 2


• Announce VIP Airdrop details
• Continued Marketing & Partnerships
• Implementation of Phantom Benefit Program (PBP)
• Native Token introduced

Phase 1


• Mint 6, 666 Deadly Sins NFTs
• Rarity Chart release
• Reward Level Contest winners
• Marketing and Holder rewards
• Purchase Metaverse land(s)


Phase 3


• Create Deadly Sins Merch
• Website Utility announced
• Introduce Staking
• Create Deadly Sins Merch
• Metaverse Partnership acquisitions
• Hell's House concept design


Phase 4


• 3D Modelling & Code development on Hell's House interfaces
• Announce Secret venture... 111
• True Metaverse integration


To be Continued...


If you wish to read deeper into the details of our project plans, holder / VIP benefits, our distribution system & also how we plan to achieve all of this... the Deadly Paper covers this all!

Simply click the button below to be redirected:


The Deadly Sins team is doxxed. We have done a full-profile dox with many projects we have collaborated with - Myself [Zora] & Fana have also full-profile doxxed with WenMint by ThoseAMAs.

More of this can be found in our Discord server! For now, here is a brief overview of the team & their roles:


The Deadly Sins socials can all be found in our Linktree. This includes our Official Twitter, Discord, YouTube & donation address.

To find this you can simply click the button below:

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